ZYN22 Launch Campaign

ZYN22’s indoor cycling workout is about so much more than getting in shape – it’s about changing your life. So when it was time to develop advertising materials to launch the brand, Balcom chose an unconventional approach that didn’t feature any fitness equipment. Instead, the team used athletes in the air with atmospheric smoke to convey the idea of taking your workout experience to a whole new level. We also included a graphic frame to reflect the multi-dimensional element that is so key to brand’s spirit. See more at balcomagency.com. Creative Director and Copywriter: Jamie Fisher, Art Director: Lauren Carter, Account Director: Rob Mart, Photographer: Matt Hawthorne


Prior to the launch campaign, we were charged with creating the brand identity. With a fitness brand, we had to account for application on not only advertising and marketing but on equipment, apparel, in video and more. The circle mark captures the energy and movement of the flywheel pulling you towards the center–your center.